Workshop on public acceptance and communication for CCS

The workshop held on November 15th was a joint effort between two ACT 3 projects: ENSURE - Effective monitoring of long-term site stability for transparent carbon capture and storage hazard assessment, and SHARP - Storage - Stress history and reservoir pressure for improved quantification of CO2 storage containment risks.

Published 20.10.2023

The main purpose of this workshop was two-fold:

  1. Inform on results of a large-scale public CCS perception survey and economic experiment conducted in 5 countries (Norway, Germany, Netherlands, UK,
  2. Get input for developing effective communication strategies around CO2 sequestration for diverse target audiences in member countries.

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Insights from workshop: Public Acceptance and Communication of CCS

Project coordinators for SHARP, Elin Skurtveit from NGI, and Bettina Goertz-Allmann from NORSAR expressed gratitude for the valuable contributions made by workshop participants, highlighting the collaborative effort in unlocking crucial insights for advancing CCS technology and public acceptance.