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SHARP storage

Stress History And Reservoir Pressure for improved quantification of CO2 storage containment risks.

The need for safe and reliable CO2 storage sites is accelerating and the reliable assessment of large-scale storage options at the gigatonne-per-year scale is critical. One of the key uncertainties in assessing proposed storage sites is the geomechanical response to CO2 injection. The SHARP project aims to reduce this uncertainty with the ambitious goal of improving the accuracy of subsurface CO2 storage containment risk management to a level acceptable to both commercial and regulatory interests.

The project will be delivered through a multidisciplinary, trans-national consortium of 16 partners and case study demonstrations from 5 countries. Development and integration of models for subsurface stress, rock mechanical failure and seismicity will mature the technology for quantification of subsurface deformation. This will lead to cost-efficient CO2 subsurface risk monitoring and management.

SHARP is a research project funded under the ACT three programme call. ACT (Accelerating CCS Technology) is an international collaboration where the purpose is to support research, development and demonstration within carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).