SHARP kick-off 16-17 November 2021

Published 22.11.2021 , last updated 15.08.2023

The kick-off was led by Project coordinator Elin Skurtveit from NGI which started at 09.00 sharp on Teams.

Skurtveit opened the meeting by telling everybody about the good news: the consortium agreement has been finalised and signed.

With more than 50 people logging on, the kick-off began with 3 minute presentations of all the 16 partners in the consortium. Continuing with a presentation of the SHARP-project before moving on to presentations of the work packages and case studies, and many interesting discussions.

SHARP’s main aim

The overall aim of the SHARP project is to increase the accuracy of subsurface CO2 storage containment risk management through the improved and integration of subsurface stress models, rock mechanical failure and seismicity observations.